Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Javascript Library for Google Maps

Cartographer.js, is a simple javascript library for Google Maps that allows map makers to easily create thematic heat maps, area-scaled circles, and pie charts. Using the library developers are freed from worrying about how to tweak the Google Maps API to build the thematic elements they need, and can focus on more important problems like data collection and normalization.

Cartographer.js is a simple one-line include. The library comes with a number of demonstration maps showcasing what Cartographer.js can do:

Where is Twitter?

Where is Twitter? is a Google Maps mashup of 250,000 Twitter users that uses area-scaled circles to show the number of Twitter users in different locations around the world. Clicking on any of the displayed circles reveals the number of Twitter users at that location.

State Populations

This Google Maps mashup displays data from the US Census: 2008 state population estimates, rendered on a choropleth (heat map) map.


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