Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Triangular Google Maps

Google Maps Triangle

Dutch map developer Door Martijn has created a pretty cool looking triangular Google Map. He also explains how you can create your own custom shaped Google Maps using images to mask the map.

The example triangular map can be viewed here. The example map also uses a triangular map marker that mirrors the overall map shape.

English translation via Google Translate



Craig said...

But why? All that wasted space.

Unknown said...

The idea is to create a GoogleMaps which fits better into the design of the website.

A triangle might be the most extreme implementation of this idea, going for a other shapes (maybe rounded edges or any other idea you can come up with) would work to.

Most websites mainly use the GoogleMaps app for visitors to get a (general) idea of where they are located, not for a superb overview of the area.

Anonymous said...

Well, .... this one has been around for a while:

You can just make it any shape by creating a new mask image.