Thursday, January 07, 2010

SF Bay Earthquake on Google Maps

This morning I was reading about how the U.S. Geological Survey are using Twitter to help to try and track real-time responses to earthquakes. You can view the USGS Twitter account at @USGSsted.

This data could provide a great real-time map, similar to Ben Marsh's #UKSnow Map.

I did a quick search this morning but couldn't find any maps of the earthquake data yet. Now this afternoon Twitter is bursting with Tweets about a M4.1 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area.

Although there may not be any Twitter earthquake map yet the USGS do use Google Maps and KML already to map their more scientifically acquired earthquake data.

USGS Real-Time Earthquakes

This map uses the Google Earth browser plug-in with the USGS's KML of the past 7 days' earthquakes.

This Google Earth browser plug-in tool also works with other KML's. Just replace the KML address in your browser address bar to view other KML's in the plug-in.

USGC Did You Feel It Map?

Although the USGC doesn't seem to be mapping their Twitter data yet they do have a Did You Feel It Map? The map uses Google Maps to show user contributed reports of earthquakes. Just click on the 'Report Unknown Event' button if you have felt an earthquake that is not yet mapped.


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