Friday, January 15, 2010

Street View Coming for Argentina

Website FayerWayer say that Brazil and Argentina will be the next Latin American countries to get Google Maps Street View after the recent addition of imagery to Mexico.

For those who can't wait for the arrival of Street View FayerWayer have found two websites that already provide interactive 360 degree panoramic imagery in Argentina.


Mapplo have released a preview of a new Street View type service for Buenos Aires. In the preview you can visit the neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano, Caballito and other areas such as Recoleta and Almagro. Points of interest covered so far include the River Plate Football Stadium, the Natural History Museum and Centennial Park.


Fotocalle first featured on Google Maps Mania in November 2009. Fotocalle have a Street View type service for Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site stitches together a number of interactive 360 degree panoramas of the city. The panoramas, just like Street View, include links to adjacent panoramas.

Fotocalle uses Google Maps as a navigation tool. Again like Street View the roads on the map with panoramas are coloured blue and it is possible to drag the map marker to view the panorama at a location.



Steven said...

You misspelled Brazil.

msh group said...


Anonymous said...

well, the real name it's Brasil.
Brazil is in english, so it's not misspelled, he just used the real name, not the translation

Anonymous said...

They are all lies. Just stroll through the neighboring countries of Argentina and not come. We have a wonderful country, shame that Google does not think so.