Monday, January 25, 2010

Scribble Maps Goes Pro

Scribble Maps Pro

Scribble Maps, the Google Maps mashup that lets you draw directly on a Google Map, has now released a 'pro' version that has elevated the application into one of the best Google Maps creation tools.

In the past Scribble Maps allowed you to draw directly onto Google Maps and add coloured polygons. You could then save your scribblings and polygons and even export a kml or jpg or gpx file. The new pro version of scribble maps still allows you to do this but also has a host of new features.

One of the exciting new features in Pro is the ability to upload data in the form of spreadsheets. This allows you to plot points on Scribble Maps. You can even plot points within a specified range in your spreadsheet.

Other new features include the ability to add SHP files, the option to use OpenStreetMap and CloudMadePlus maps and the option to add measuring tools. As with the original Scribble Maps you can publish a finished map to your own website or blog in the form of a widget.


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