Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Geography of the World on Google Maps


Geognos is a mashup of Google Maps, the Google Visualization API and Panoramio to present textual and visual information for all the countries in the world.

Users can navigate to different countries by selecting a country from the drop down menu at the top of each page of from the links provided on the home page. For each specific country a Google Map is displayed alongside a wealth of geographical, economical and demographic information about the country.

Right clicking on any point on the map opens an information window displaying geographical information about the location (latitude, longitude, PO Code, city, country etc.) Users can also navigate to points of interest (capital, cities, neighboring countries etc.) of the particular country from a drop down menu.

Photos of the country are displayed to the right of the map. Clicking on one of the thumbnail photos will expand the picture and reveal the photo's geographical coordinates on the map.


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