Saturday, January 02, 2010

Songs of New York on Google Maps

The New York Music Project

In honor of the long history of songs about New York, the Huffington Post have decided to map every single song lyric that name-checks a location, business, corner, monument, etc., in the city of New York.

The Huffington Post has got the ball rolling by mapping 40 songs, including George Cohan giving his regards "to Broadway" and Lou Reed "waiting for the man" on 125th and Lexington. However this is a collaborative map and the Huffington Post want your help in mapping New York's musical tributes.

To submit a song all you need are the lyrics and a picture of the location (if you don't have one use Google Maps Street View to grab an image). Sadly the one thing missing from this music map is the music itself.

Via: @geoparadigm

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