Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3d Art View of the World

Culturalmap is trying to create a map of 3d scans of cultural objects around the world. The map consists at the moment of a few 3d scans, created with Sketchfab, which allow you to explore the 3d models of a number of historical statues and busts.

You can see an example in the screenshot above. On the map you can rotate the Colossal Bust of Zeus and explore this cultural artifact from all angles by interacting with the 3d scan.

It appears that I've caught this map at a very early in its release schedule. The map doesn't yet have many 3d scans and the linked Twitter account has yet to post any content. However, from reading the 'Learn' page, it appears that Culturalmap is planning to crowd-source the cultural 3d scans, which hopefully will eventually lead to a more populated map.

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