Monday, February 02, 2015

How Katy Perry Won the Super Bowl

I'm often very disparaging about Simon Rogers' animated Twitter maps. So it is only fair to give him credit for his #SB49: @Patriots vs. @Seahawks map, which shows how Katy Perry won the Super Bowl on Twitter.

The map shows the location of Tweets made for the Patriots and for the Seahawks during yesterday's Super Bowl. The timeline includes the moments when either side scored during the game. It is quite interesting to see how the map lights up with the color of the scoring team immediately after each touchdown or field goal.

The map also includes the locations of people tweeting @katyperry. From the amount of activity around @katyperry I'm assuming that this player scored the winning touchdown.

It is also interesting zooming out on the map and having a look at the amount of activity the Super Bowl generated on Twitter in the rest of the world. In Europe, for example. I would guess that the game was shown live on television in the UK and possibly Spain. It doesn't seem to have generated much interest in the rest of Europe.

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