Monday, February 02, 2015

The Snowbound NYC Subway Map

WNYC has created a fictional interactive map explaining how the New York subway system could survive a future snowmaggedon. On 26th January the MTA completely closed the subway system because of a snowstorm. WYNC has formulated a plan to close off the overground sections of the subway system during future snowstorms so that the underground parts could continue to run.

The Snowpiercer Scenario is a Mapbox map using custom map tiles of the MTA. The overground parts of the subway system are faded out on the map, indicating that these lines would be closed. The remaining subway lines are the ones which would stay open.

The WNYC admit that their plan and map was created from 'wild speculation'. However the plan seems very sensible. The MTA says that they have no plans which enable 'hiving off an underground portion of the system'. The London Underground seems to manage to be able to do this on a regular basis. Every weekend sections of some London Underground lines are closed for 'planned engineering work'. Surely the MTA could do something similar in New York.

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