Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mapping Street Art Around the World

If you're interested in recording and documenting good examples of street art then you should consider getting the Graffiti Mapper app. Using the app you can submit examples of good street art to the Graffiti Mapper world map simply by taking a photo.

You can also use the app and the Graffiti mapper website to find nearby examples of street art using the Graffiti Mapper map.

Red Bull Street View Art is another global map of street art. This map showcases examples of graffiti and street art which can be found on Google Maps Street View. Adding your own finds to the map is very easy. It just involves finding the right location on the map and dragging the Street View to grab the best shot of the street art that you wish to submit.

If you want to find good examples of street art in Prague then have a look at Art Spotting, a Google Map of Prague street art and graffiti.

The map is the work of a group of Prague art students and marks the locations of both graffiti and street art in the Czech capital. Users can submit art work to the map by completing a short form.

The City of Melbourne has instigated an interesting campaign aimed at educating the city's youth about the differences between street art and graffiti.

As part of the campaign the city has created an ArcGIS Story Map highlighting some of the best of Melbourne's street art. The content for the Do Art Not Tags map has been collected using ArcGIS's Collector App which allows for photos of the street art to be captured by smartphone, uploaded to Flickr and instantly added to the map.

The Arte Fora do Museu project aims to map the works of art that can be found on the streets of São Paulo. The project's Google Map provides a great city guide to São Paulo's publicly accessible works of art.

The map highlights the murals, sculptures, architecturally important buildings and graffiti that can be found in the city's public spaces. Each art work on the map includes a detailed synopsis by an expert on the work. If you click on a marker you can view the art work using Google Maps Street View, view the experts comments in a YouTube video and read a brief description of the work.

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