Monday, February 16, 2015

Can You Beat the Landmark Quiz?

Mapbox has a new Picture Book map style resplendent with a custom font and illustrations of famous landmarks around the world. If you like the look of the Picture Book map style you can fork it on GitHub.

But before you go forking willy-nilly you might want to give the map a quick look-see. To introduce the new map style Mapbox has released a fun map quiz. Your task in the Landmark Quiz is to answer fifteen questions, correctly identifying the locations of famous landmarks around the world. While you play the quiz you also get the chance to see some of the amazing landmark illustrations on the map.

If you want to fork a map quiz itself then you should have a look at Quizzity. Quizzity is a nicely designed map quiz built using the Leaflet mapping library. The quiz follows a familiar format, requiring you to pinpoint a series of locations and awarding points for the closeness of your answer.

After guessing five locations you are given your final score, the average distance you guessed from the correct location and the distance of your best answer. Quizzity also keeps track of your best score so there is some incentive to keep on playing.

The source for Quizzity is available on GitHub, which means you now have no excuse not to design your own map based quiz.

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