Thursday, February 19, 2015

Animated Flights on 3d Globes

Flight Stream is an animated visualization of worldwide flight routes on a WebGL globe. The globe visualizes great circle flight routes between major airports. The globe doesn't show real-time flights but is an interesting visualization of the most populated routes and destinations.

You can also view world-wide flight routes on this Airflow Globe. This WebGL globe visualizes worldwide flight-paths and airports. When exploring the Airflow Globe you have a choice of map base layers. The screenshot above shows a satellite imagery view. To view the blue flight-paths more clearly you can use the default 'Light Gray Canvas' map layer instead.

The globe itself was created using ArcGIS's 3d Scene Viewer and the data for the map comes from OpenFlights.

If you like these 3d visualization of flight data then you might also like this round-up of other Beautiful WebGL Globes.

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