Monday, February 09, 2015

The HSBC Tax Files Map

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has been doing some great reporting lately exposing the secret offshore money system that businesses, politicians and wealthy individuals use to avoid paying taxes.

Last month the consortium released an interactive map, ICIJ Offshore Leaks, from an analysis of 2.5 million leaked financial records. This map links to over 60 stories around the globe that resulted from the investigation. Users of the map can click on locations around the world to read the journalists' stories associated with that location. Another map layer provides an overview of tax havens around the world and their popularity with the global tax dodging elite.

Today the ICIJ has released another interactive map, this time providing a heat-map view of the countries with the largest dollar amounts in the leaked HSBC Swiss files. The secret documents reveal how global banking giant HSBC has been helping tax dodgers hide hundreds of millions of dollars from tax authorities around the world.

The ICIJ HSBC Leak Map provides an overview of which countries have lost the most tax revenue from the activities of the bank and the tax dodgers involved. If you select a country on the map you can view the number of clients involved and the approximate amount of money involved from that country.

The interactive visualization also provides information on a number of well known celebrities and individuals involved in the scam and links to other stories from the leak of the HSBC files.

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