Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Barcelona Architecture Map

Carta Arqueologica is a Google Map of architecturally important buildings in Barcelona.

The map includes a great search engine, which allows you to search Barcelona's architecture by age and by type. Using the search options you can search by period, for example Roman, medieval or modern. You can also search by building type, for example, religious, military or habitat.

The individual footprints of building are displayed on the map. If you select a building on the map you can click-through to learn more about the building and its history (in Spanish).

Once you have discovered some architecturally important buildings to explore on the Carta Arqueologica map you can use the Big Time BCN map to find out out more about the building.

The Big Time BCN map colors Barcelona's buildings by age. When you click on many of the buildings on the map not only can you view the building's age but you can also view a photo of the building and a detailed account of the building's history and architecture.

The map is therefore a really useful tool for discovering more about the history of Barcelona's buildings & architecture and a great guide for visitors to the city who are interested in finding and visiting the city's oldest and most interesting buildings.

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