Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Map in GeoHipster Blue

Plain Tile Maker is a series of 675 blank map tile schemes, each one in a different color. Using the app you can serve simple block color map tiles to any of the major mapping libraries.

The tiles can be added to a map using the following URL:


The 'colorname' in the URL can be any of 675 different colors. The 'colorname' must conform to one of these ImageMagick Color Names.

At first I thought that the Plain Tile Maker was meant as a joke. However, thinking about it, these plain color tiles could be useful if you want to serve your own map data (for example river courses or building footprints) without any underlying map data. The Plain Tile Maker allows you to set your own background color scheme for your map data or could be used to give users a choice of background colors for your map data.

Just in case 'colors' are a new concept to you I've put together a small Leaflet.js map using a few of the different map tiles. Colors allows you to view a blank Leaflet 'map' in your choice of six different colors.

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