Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iceland's Rival to Street View

Iceland's telephone and business directory company Já has released 360° panoramic imagery of the country's roads.

Já maps uses Samsýn map data with the Leaflet mapping platform. If you select the '360' link in the map menu the availability of Street View is displayed on the map with blue lines. The coverage rivals Google Maps Street View coverage in Iceland, with 360° panoramic imagery available in towns and cities and all major roads.

The date that the imagery was captured is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. Most of the imagery seems to date from August 2013. Most of Google Maps Street View imagery dates from the same time.

In fact we know that the Google Street View car and the Já maps car were on the streets of Iceland at the same time because the two cars were busy capturing photos of each other. Street View Fun managed to find this scene, where the Já maps car is happily following along behind the Google Street View car, while they both capture their panoramic imagery of Iceland (and each other).

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