Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Oscar for Best Map goes to ....

The Wall Street Journal has been analyzing which Oscar nominated films have been receiving the most interest among Facebook users. It has created a series of maps showing where the films nominated for Best Picture have been most discussed across the United States.

American Sniper would be the clear winner of the Oscar for Best Picture if the award was based on Facebook conversations in the United States. The Oscars Nominees, Mapped allows you to view a choropleth map for each of the Best Picture nominees showing the percentage of the Facebook conversation for each film, down to county level.

Mapping Oscars Nominees by CBC shows which Best Film nominated films have been 'liked' by Facebook users around the world. Select a film from the dropdown menu and you can view the percentage of Facebook 'likes' the film received broken down by country.

According to the map India is very keen on The Theory of Everything, Canadians really liked Selma and Italy loved American Sniper.

The Birthplaces of Award-Winning Actors & Actresses is a Google Map that shows where all Oscar winning actors and actresses were born. For example, did you know Julie Christie and Vivien Leigh were both born in India? Or that Natalie Portman was born in Israel?

You can filter the results displayed on the map to view the best actors or the best actresses. You can also filter the results to view only those actors or actresses who have won the Oscar more than once.

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