Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mapping New York's Citibike Data

There are a lot of mapped visualizations of data taken from bike sharing networks around the world. Not many are as good as the Citibike Dashboard.

The Citibike Dashboard map displays rides on New York City's public bike share system for July 17, 2014, the network's busiest day to date. What is really special about this Mapbox based visualization is the the control it gives the user to filter the data displayed on the map.

Using the controls in the right-hand panel you can filter the rides visualized on the map by age-range, ride direction and ride duration. The dashboard above the map shows the average age, ride duration and the male to female ratio. When you filter the data the dashboard automatically updates to reflect the new data displayed on the map.

The time-line beneath the map can also be used to filter the data on the map by time range. The time-line reveals that the busiest times on the Citibike network are during commuting hours. If you adjust the time range using the time-line control the dashboard again automatically updates to reflect the new results displayed on the map.

The data filtering is powered by the Crossfilter library.

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