Friday, February 27, 2015

The Tokyo Metro in 3d

Metrogram3d is a hypnotizing WebGL powered 3d visualization of Tokyo's metro trains. Using data from the Tokyo metro timetable the map simulates the movement of the trains throughout the city.

Unfortunately this 3d visualization doesn't include the names of the stations, so it is doesn't really work as a map. This isn't helped by the fact that the map also doesn't seem to give you any control and appears to follow it's own tour of the metro network. As the tour plays out however it does indicate the metro line in view in the bottom left-hand corner.

If you want a more traditional interactive map view of Tokyo's transit system then have a look at Tetsudo Now. Tetsudo Now is a real-time Google Map of the Japanese public transit network. The map simulates the current locations of buses and trains in Japan's largest towns and cities.

The position of the vehicles on the map are animated based on the transit timetables. Users can select which city's transit map they wish to view from a drop-down menu. They can also select the time of day they wish to see simulated on the map from another drop-down menu.

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