Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mapping the Alaskan Sled Race

The Mapbox Blog is continuing to showcase maps built using Turf.js. The latest demonstration of the geospatial processing abilities of Turf is an animated map of the Iditarod, an annual sled dog race which takes place  inAlaska.

Time Travel Across the Iditarod with Turf replays the whole race, allowing you to follow the progress of each of the dog sleds over the course of the 15 day race. As the map plays out you can click on any of the moving map markers to view the driver of the selected sled. You can also select any of the riders from the map sidebar.

Another neat aspect of this map is that during the night-time hours of the race the map tiles fade darker and then fade to lighter tiles for the daylight hours.

If you want to try out Turf.js check-out the API documentation, which has recently been updated with example code and maps.

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