Saturday, February 14, 2015

Album Covers on Street View

Ever since its release superimposing album covers on top of Google Maps Street View has been one of the most popular uses of Google's 360 degree interactive imagery.

One of the most well known examples of this is The Guardian's Classic Album Covers in Street View. In this series of famous album covers The Guardian superimpose pictures of album covers on top of the same view as seen on Street View. The Guardian collection uses still screenshots captured from Google Maps Street View.

This week Buzzfeed released their own collection of 12 Iconic London Album Covers You Can Visit On Street View. Buzzfeed also use static Street View images of the scenes captured in the famous album covers. However Buzzfeed has used a swipe control with each image, which allows you to swipe the album cover on & off the underlying Street View.

If you like The Guardian's version of album covers on Street View you might also like their Classic paintings of world cities meet Google Street View and Classic London paintings in Google Street View. The Guardian has also published The Berlin Wall in Street View, the First World War in Street View and the Second World War in Street View.

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