Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars Twitter Map

You can't have a major event without a Simon Rogers animated Twitter heat map. There is a 2015 #Oscars on Twitter Map so the Oscars must qualify as a major event.

Because the data on these maps isn't normalized for the number of Twitter users in different countries it is almost impossible to accurately draw any meaningful conclusions about the popularity of the Oscars around the world. Judging by this map there is almost no interest in the Oscars in China, Russia and most of Africa. However this probably just reflects the lack of Twitter users in these areas.

The Oscars do seem particular popular in the Americas. It could be a time zone phenomenon that the Oscars seem incredibly popular in most of South and Central America whereas in Europe, outside of the UK (and to a lesser extent Spain & Italy), the Oscars seems to have been largely ignored by Twitter users.

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