Saturday, February 21, 2015

All the Presidents' Maps

Presidential Colleges is a map showing the alma mater of American presidents. The map shows that eleven presidents have attended Ivy League colleges and that many presidents didn't go to a university.

The map sidebar includes two main view which allows you to select either presidents or colleges. If you select the 'presidents' option you can click on any of the 44 president portraits (yes they included Grover Cleveland twice). The president's university is then highlighted on the map.

The Washington Post has been busy mapping the homes of US presidents. Where the Presidents Lived is a map showing where in Washington D.C. American presidents have lived, either before during or after their terms of office.

The map includes some nice custom sketched portraits of the presidents as map markers. If you select a president's marker on the map you can view details about their DC residence in the map sidebar. The Washington Post suggests that the earlier presidents had more modest requirements than the more recent presidents.

Via: Visualoop

The US Presidents and their Spouses map shows the birthplaces of all the American presidents - even the few not born in Virginia. The map also shows the birthplaces of the presidents' wives and shows in miles how far apart each president and wife were born from each other.

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