Friday, February 06, 2015

The Jurassic World Interactive Map

The renowned Jurassic Park entertainment complex has rejected the Google Maps API in favor of the upstart Leaflet.js mapping library. When the world's favorite dinosaur inhabited theme park decided to create a new online map for Jurassic World they turned not to the mammoth Google brand but instead chose the Microraptor like independent mapping platform of Leaflet.

The Jurassic World Map is a custom designed, oblique view, interactive map of the world's latest, and some say most exciting, theme park. Visitors to the park can use the
map to find the location of hotels, restaurants, rest rooms and all the park's best rides and shows.

With the Jurassic World Map you have no excuse to get lost when visiting the park. In fact the only thing missing from this map is the location of the emergency exits - and I'm sure you won't be needing them.

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