Monday, October 19, 2015

Canadian Election Maps

The 2015 Canadian Election results are starting to come in. The big winners so far are the Canadian Press, who have created a live election results map, which seems to have been syndicated by a number of Canadian news outlets.

The Canadian Press live elections results map is being used, by among others, the Huffington Post, 570 News and the National Post. The Canadian Press are using Mapbox for the map. Ridings on the map are coloured to show the current leading party from the so far returned results.

Esri Canada's Federal Elections (2000 to 2011) Map shows the results of the last five elections and also the boundaries and candidates in the 2015 Election, The map will be updated with the 2015 results after the election.

CTV News also has a live elections results map showing the results as they come in. Again ridings on the CTV Election Results Map are being colored by the leading party in the polls returned so far. Above the map there is a running total of the seats won by each party and a progress bar showing a proportional representation of the seats won by each party.

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