Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Where Was East Germany?

This week Germany celebrated the 25th anniversary of reunification. The Berliner Morgenpost wondered if its readers could still remember where the border was between East and West Germany. It therefore created an interactive map which allowed users to draw the line of the border on a map of Germany.

The Morgenpost map recorded around 13,000 responses to their map quest and the Webkid blog has been analyzing the results. The blog includes a nice video which draws some of the results on a map one by one. The video starts with some of the wildest guesses and slowly begins to show the more accurate drawn borders as the video progresses.

The blog also includes a heat-map showing all of the guesses made and the original border between East and West Germany.

If you want you can try this German geography memory test yourself on the Berliner Morgenpost's Einheitsreise interactive feature.

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