Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Google Maps API - RIP

It is so rare these days for a developer to make the conscious decision to use the Google Maps API that a new Google Maps mash-up almost becomes an event in itself. Unfortunately, because the Google Maps API hasn't been updated in years, these now rare applications, built using the Google Maps API, tend to look a little tired and dated.

Imagine my shock then when I discovered that the developers of Time to Groove, presumably from sentimental and nostalgic reasons, had chosen to use the Google Maps API for their new music events guide for Amsterdam. What's more they have even managed to create a Google Map which doesn't disappoint aesthetically.

Time to Groove is a map of upcoming concerts, gigs and other shindigs in Amsterdam. The application uses the Facebook pages of Amsterdam clubs and music venues to provide a guide to upcoming musical events. The map includes options to filter the events shown on the map by 'groove' and by genre of music.

The size of the markers on the map, I think, are scaled to reflect the number of people who have signed up to attend the event on Facebook. The colors of the markers reflect the 'groove' of the event.

The use of these colored circular polygons to mark each event works well and the colored markers do look good set against the dark styled map tiles. However the lack of road labels on the map might impede your ability to actual find a venue if you choose to attend one of the listed events.

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