Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Travel Back to the Future in 3D

There is one thing that everyone should do on Back to the Future Day - travel back to Hill Valley in the 1950's.

So step inside your nuclear powered DeLorean and zoom inside this 3d model of Back to the Future's Hill Valley. Once you arrive you can visit the town square, where you will find the courthouse and the famous clock tower. If you search around the back streets you will even find your DeLorean, sitting ready to bring you back to the future.

Back to the Future Hill Valley is a pretty amazing 3d model of Hill Valley, which you can explore at will. I believe the model is based on Universal Studio's Courthouse Square backlot set. The model includes five cameras, which appear to change the lighting effect on the current point of view. 

The model also includes a 'damage' mode which gives you a glimpse of the future Hill Valley and the fate that just might lie in store for some of the town's buildings

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