Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sons of Gallipoli

Sons of Gallipoli is a fascinating web documentary about the First World War battle in Gallipoli, told through the stories of one Turkish and one Australian mother. The documentary features a number of videos retelling the history of the Battle of Gallipoli. It also features a really nicely designed custom map.

The interactive map of the Eastern Mediterranean is actually made from one static image so it doesn't have many zoom levels. However it does feature a number of markers. You can click on the markers to learn more about the role the selected location played in the battle. Most of the markers also contain vintage photographs of the location taken during the First World War.

One really nice design feature of the map is the parallax effect on some of map labels and the map legend. Notice how when you pan around the map some of labels move at different speeds to the background map layer.

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