Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cubs vs Cardinals Fan Map

The trend for mapping the number of Facebook 'likes' for sports teams shows no signs of abating. The New York Times kicked off this genre of Facebook sports fan maps with their maps of the Basketball Nation, the College Football Fan Map and the Baseball Nation. These maps each show the geographical support for sports teams across the United States based on their number of Facebook fans.

The Chicago Tribune is continuing this fine tradition of mapping the number of Facebook 'likes' for sports teams with two interactive maps; one showing where Cubs fans live and the other showing where Cardinal fans live. In The Cubs vs. Cardinals: The rivalry from coast-to-coast the Chicago Tribune has created two choropleth maps showing which counties in the USA have the most Cubs and Cardinals fans.

The two maps reveal something truly shocking. It appears that the nearer a county is to the Cubs or the Cardinal stadiums then the more fans it will have for that team. This is an amazing insight which also seems to be apparent in this Where Bears Fans Live map.

These maps really do reveal some amazing geographical insights. I'd say they were as truly revelatory as this How Far Away is Ohio map.

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