Monday, October 26, 2015

Exploring the World's Most Northern City

Be Norilsk is a superb web-documentary about the Russian city of Norilsk. The history and character of this Siberian industrial city is explored in the documentary using interactive maps, timelines, 360 degree videos and 3d models.

The documentary is split into two main parts; the first part examines the history of the city over the Twentieth Century, while the second part looks at the city of Norilsk today.

The history of Norilsk, explored in the first part of the documentary, is told through the use of an amazing interactive timeline and 3d map. Progress through the timeline and you can actually watch the city grow through the addition of buildings to the 3d map.

The second half of the documentary, looking at Norilsk today, uses a number of different multi-media formats. This part of the documentary starts with an interactive 360 video of the airport. The video includes markers which you can interact with to learn more about the airport and city.

Once you have explored the airport you are then taken on video bus ride through the city of Norilsk. While the video plays you can jump off the bus at a number of different locations, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace.

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