Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Street View of the Stars

This year Google attended the 2015 Busan International Film Festival. While they were there they took a few pictures of the stars.

Inside BIFF allows you to explore the film festival, held annually in Busan, South Korea, and even interact with the stars. You can navigate your way around the venue just as you would with Google Maps Street View. The only real difference is that in this Street View nobody's face is pixelated.

That means you can search for your favorite stars whilst you wander around. In fact that looks like Harvey Keitel in the front row. It is! If you mouse-over the little blue map marker above the people in the audience you can discover who they are. If you click on their name you can even explore their filmography and watch selected trailers from their films.

See who you can find. I managed to find Po from Kung Fu Panda!

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