Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mapping Europe's Refugee Crisis

Lucify has released an impressive mapped visualization of the number of refugees who have arrived in Europe since 2012. The Flow Towards Europe allows you to view the number of refugees that have arrived in each European country and which countries the refugees have come from.

Each animated marker on the map indicates 25 people. The starting point and destination of each marker shows the country of origin of the represented refugees and their country of destination in Europe. If you click on a country on the map you can view the total number of refugees to arrive in the selected country, while their countries of origin are highlighted on the map.

You can also interact with the line chart above the map. The line chart shows the total number of refugees over time. You can mouse-over the timeline to move to any date since 2012 and view the number of refugees arriving in a country or Europe as a whole by that date.

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