Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mapping the Invasion of Norway

In April 1940 Germany invaded Norway. Norway and its allies managed to continue the fight against the invasion for 62 days. However Germany's invasion of France in May caused Norway's allies to withdraw and the Norwegian government was forced to seek exile in London.

Invasjonen av Norge is a really nicely designed story map recounting the Norwegian War in 1940. The history of the campaign is told in chronological order. As you scroll through the chronology in the map side-panel the map automatically updates to show the relevant location.

The Mapbox created map uses labelled markers. You can replicate this in your own Mapbox or Leaflet maps using the Leaflet.label or the Leaflet.iconlabel plug-ins. You can create your own story map with Mapbox very easily by using the Scroll-driven navigation with markers and a narrative example map in the Mapbox documentation as your starting template.

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