Monday, October 05, 2015

Domestic Violence in Los Angeles

Two weeks ago, in response to a crowd-sourced catcalling map from students at the University of North Carolina, I suggested that men should be banned from the streets. Judging by this worrying domestic violence map it appears that men should also be banned from the home.

The Domestic Violence in Los Angeles map plots reports of domestic violence made to the Los Angeles Police Department in 2014. The dot map view provides a terrifying insight into the scale of domestic violence across the city (locations are mapped to intersections to protect confidentiality).

The population density layer shows that there is a strong correlation between domestic violence and population density. If you select the Median Household Income layer you can see that there may also be a correlation between household income and domestic violence. Areas with the lowest household incomes also seem to be areas with the most domestic violence. However these areas also have the highest population density so you would expect a higher rate of crime in these areas any way.

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