Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Zurich Water Fountains Map

There are around 1,200 water fountains in Zurich, providing a free source of mountain spring drinking water throughout the city. Most of the fountains are also unique works of art, which will not only quench your thirst but may also lift your soul.

The Zurich Water Map is a great guide for any thirsty visitor to this Swiss city. The map shows the locations of Zurich's free water mountains and can also give you directions to your nearest source of fresh mountain spring drinking water.

To get directions to a fountain you just need to click on the map to set your current location. You can then click on the fountain you wish to visit and you will immediately be shown a route to the selected fountain from your current location.

The map is a great way to find your nearest source of free drinking water in Zurich. However I think the map is missing a trick by not also providing a visual guide to some of the more artistic water fountains in the city. Wikimedia provides a great source for photographs of Zurich's unique water fountains. If this were my map I'd be tempted to add these photos to the information window for each fountain.

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