Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Color Filters for Maps

Leaflet Tilefilter is a nice plug-in which allows you to change the appearance of a Leaflet map in the browser. It enables you to change the contrast, brightness and hue of a map's underlying map tile set.

The plug-in works by using Canvas and CSS3 filters. Using the filter controls map users can adjust the look of the map tiles. They can even combine the Canvas and CSS3 filters, which allows for quite a wide choice of variations.

On first seeing Leaflet Tilefilter in action I immediately thought it might be interesting to create a map which animated through random color filters. In other words to create something a little like Random Google Maps. However that seems a little pointless and in fact the example map Filters Demo is a much nicer example of what you can achieve with Leaflet Tile-Filter.

In effect the plug-in provides you with the option to add controls to a Leaflet map which allows the user to adjust the visual appearance of the map. This could be a handy option to provide, especially for users who suffer from some forms of color-blindness.

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