Monday, October 26, 2015

What Your Phone Data Says About You

Mimi Onuoha has been tracking mobile phones in London for National Geographic. Four different groups of people agreed to share one month's worth of mobile phone location and message data with Mimi. She then set about mapping their movements for that month. You can view all four maps on National Geographic's Pathways project.

The identities of the individuals within each of the four groups has not been revealed. They are simply identified as 'the co-workers', 'the couple', 'the family' and 'the room-mates'. For each of the four separate groups Mimi has created an animated map which visualizes the movements of each of the group's individual members over the course of the tracked month.

Mimi Onuoha has then used the four tracking maps to try and interpret the data to see what she can infer about the lives of the individuals tracked. On each map you can click on the 'insights' and 'conclusions' buttons to reveal what Mimi thinks the data reveals about the four tracked groups and the individuals within those groups.

Via: Visualoop

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