Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Worldwide Voronoi Football Map

Back in August the Which Team Should I Support map provided English soccer fans with an easy way to quickly find their nearest Premier League football club. The map uses a sort of voronoi overlay to divide England & Wales into regions based on the nearest English Premier League stadium.

There is now a worldwide map which allows soccer fans around the world to quickly find their nearest soccer club. The Soccer Voronoi Map divides the world up into regions based on the nearest professional soccer club. It even allows you to find your nearest Champions League club or soccer clubs in the different league tiers in each country.

If, after finding your local club, you still insist on supporting another team then you might need Jason Davies' World Airports Voronoi Map. If you need to jump on a plane to watch your favorite team then this map can help you find your nearest airport.

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