Thursday, October 22, 2015

Europe's Top Digital Cities

The European Digital City Index has ranked London the top European city for its support for digital entrepreneurship. Amsterdam and Stockholm are the second and third highest cities in the rankings.

The European Digital City Index ranks cities across Europe based on how well they support digital entrepreneurs. The cities are ranked on a number of criteria, including the Digital Infrastructure, the Access to Capital, the Lifestyle and Skills. You can view how European cities rank in the Digital City Index on the ECDi Map.

The ECDi Map shows the rankings of 35 European cities. Each city on the map is shown with a circular marker, scaled to reflect its position in the rankings. The larger the city marker the higher the city in the rankings.

The map allows you to also view how each city ranks in terms of each individual criteria or for your own combination of criteria. For example, although London comes out top overall in support for digital entrepreneurship it comes last in terms of Lifestyle (cost and standard of living).

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