Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creating a Leaflet Map with Inset Globe

Last month I posted a short review of Map & Globe, a Leaflet map synchronized with a D3.js globe. In the review I mentioned that you could use the code from Map & Globe to create a small inset globe on a Leaflet map. Alternatively you could use them the other way round - to provide a small inset Leaflet map in the corner of a D3 globe.

Chris Whong had the same idea and has actually created a Leaflet plug-in to add a small 3d globe to the corner of a Leaflet map. Using Chris' Leaflet.GlobeMiniMap plug-in you can add a small inset globe to a map which shows the global position of the current Leaflet map center.

You can view a working demo of Leaflet.Globe,MiniMap here.

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