Tuesday, September 02, 2008

FelonSpy.com - Know Your Neighbours


FelonSpy is a satirical website that emulates sites such as CriminalSearches. The site purports to find which of your neighbours has a criminal record. Users enter their address and FelonSpy tags supposed criminals who live near by.

The site is very well done and certainly had me fooled (the comments below reflect my initial gullibility). If you read the text on the home page and in the disclaimer it soon becomes clear that FelonSpy may just be pulling our legs.

UCrime Map
Ucrime provides crime maps for all the major US universities. Each university can be selected from a drop down list. UCrime then shows a map of the university and surrounding area with all the recent crimes tagged.

You can filter the results by time period or by type of crime. All the crimes are tagged on a Google Map and appear in a list under the map. Clicking on a tag reveals more information about the individual crime.

Registered users can even report a crime and UCrime will add it to the map.

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