Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who is Twittering Keywords?

Hot Trends and Twitter

One of the big problems with Hot Trends for non-Americans is trying to understand what some of the popular search terms actually mean. For example, what is a Norm Chow and why is it suddenly so hot? Thankfully Mibazaar has come up with a mash-up of Google Hot Trends, Twitter Search, Twitter Vision and Google Maps that helps put into context what is being searched right now.

Basically Hot Trends and Twitter searches Twitter for messages that contain the current Hot Trend search terms and plots them on a Google Map based on the Twitterer's location. Therefore it is possible to find out out who is talking about the current hot trends and what is being said. This is a brilliant idea and really helps to contextualise the current hot stories.

(According to tomxchao on Twitter Norm Chow is 'coaching the Bruins' - now what is a Bruin and why does it need coaching?)


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Virender Ajmani said...

Thanks Keir, I have also created a version for India since Google Hot Trends is available for India too: India