Thursday, September 11, 2008

Add Google Maps to Locations on Your Site

MapMyPage in action
MapMyPage is an awesome new utility that enables bloggers and web site owners to attract and engage their visitors by adding maps, photos, weather, and more to the locations mentioned in their web pages. What's even better is that to do this bloggers only have to add a tiny piece of code to the html of a page. Here it is:

If you add that tiny piece of code to the code of a web page every time a location is mentioned on that page a small globe will appear next to the location. When visitors click on that globe a Google Map of the location will appear hovering above the page. In the Google Map a number of links are available that let your visitors view a Wikipedia article about the location, check the weather, view photos, read the news and find events and concerts at that location. There is even a link to view the location in Google Earth.

I told you it was awesome. If you don't believe me then check out the examples on MapMyPage.

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