Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Using Google Maps Driving Directions

finditonmyway map
This handy Google Map can help you find a number of different services along the route of a journey. For example, it could help you find post offices on the route of your journey to work or restaurants along the route to be taken on a day out.

To use finitonmyjourney the user enters the start and end points of their journey and enters the type of service that they wish to view. The journey is then shown on a Google Map with the Google driving directions and the results plotted along the route.

The results of your search are also listed under the map. It is then possible to select one or more of the search results and add them to your journey. The map then redraws your journey and the driving directions to include your selected results. So, for example, it is possible to select a restaurant along your route and add it to your journey. Finditonmy way then incorporates that restaurant into your route and into your driving directions.

cartrip map
Cartrip is another Google Map mash-up that uses Google Maps' driving directions. The idea behind this site is to plot the route of a journey on Google Maps and then be able to see an animation of the actual journey.

To see an animation of your route you enter the start and end of your journey and your route is then plotted on a Google Map. A blue car is shown following the route of your planned journey. At all stages of your journey the next turn you have to take is shown, as is your current speed and the number of miles so far travelled.

Instructions to use the map are given in English and Danish. Cartrip also has a "view printable directions" button so if you are going on a trip it is possible to print out the directions for your journey.

Other Driving Directions Maps

Driving Directions Simulator - see the route of your journey animated with the Google Earth browser plug-in.
Marwrut - driving directions in Moscow.
Route Scanner - shows up to the minute traffic reports for your UK journey.
TSP (Traveling SalesPerson) Solver - calculate the fastest round-trip from any starting point to many destinations.



Anonymous said...

http://regionaltraffic.co.uk/ is also quite a good site for tracking traffic incidents near to your route. It's use of draggable waypoints is also quite impressive, given the lack of support for such in the API.

Coldbeans software said...

http://myway.linkstore.ru - lets you combine local search and driving directions