Monday, September 15, 2008

Google Maps Clustering Solution

Google Maps mash-ups can suffer performance problems when trying to display a large number of markers at any one time. In order to avoid performance issues when displaying hundreds of markers some kind of clustering needs to be implemented. Today Click2Map have released their clustering solution.

This new feature from Click2Map is demonstrated in the video below:

Click2Map is an easy to use application that lets you create, manage and publish Google Maps without any knowledge of programming. Now, with the introduction of this clustering solution, you can build maps with thousands of markers.



Anonymous said...

Click2Map's claim to "The First Ever Auto-Clustering Feature" is not true, UMapper had it for quite some time. You can see the live sample here

Anonymous said...

Yeah - and we have had it since last year as well. Checkout our local offering at

We show zoom icons to remove the clutter.

@umapper - your clustering technique looks pretty cool