Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Earth Hacks for Mobile

Google Earth Hacks for Mobile
Google Earth Hacks for Mobile mapGoogle Earth Hacks' huge repository of geo-tagged collections is now available on your mobile phone. The mobile site gives you quick access to about 80% of Google Earth Hacks' file library.

You can view the newest files, most popular file, or view the files by category. Every file has a thumbnail and links to the real location on Google Maps.

You can also can search for items by date and popularity, read full descriptions and view comments made by other users.

Visit the site on your phone by going to

Amazing Race 13
Google Earth Hacks have also produced this Google Map of The Amazing Race, the reality television game show in which teams race around the world.

The map shows the racers current location with green markers. The part of the race that has already been completed is shown with red lines and markers and the future destinations are shown in yellow.


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