Friday, September 05, 2008

Some Fun on Friday

Find a Basketball Game to Join
screen shot of nofouls is a Google Map mash-up of basketball courts in the Philadelphia area. Registered users can click on any of the tagged courts and find out when people are playing and read comments about the quality of the court.

It is also possible to add a court to the map simply by double clicking on the map and adding a few details.

Bouncing Markers
OneWheeled Bicycle has a cool Google Maps API hack that creates bouncing tags on Google Maps. The hack allows map developers the option to have tags drop from the top of the screen onto the map and then bounce a little before settling into place. Very cool.

Google Driving Directions
Be careful when you reach your final destination:

Via: Funny Potato

Cars and Google Map Tags
Cars and Google Maps tags seems to be today's theme. Now I wonder what inspired this Kia ad:

Via: Aram Bartholl Blog

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