Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Planning a Trip on Google Maps

tripcart map
Tripcart is an online travel guide and tour planner. It is possible to search Tripcart's Google Maps for information on cities and attractions across the United States.

The Google Map for each location or attraction contains a wealth of information. The information is available in a number of layers that can be added to the map. The information comes in a number of categories, such as hotels, points of interest, shopping, sports etc.

Once you know out where you want to go you can plan your trip on Google Maps with daily itineraries. When you are happy with your itinerary you can even print everything out for easy access to all your travel plans.

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Anonymous said...

"TripCart is optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers." So, to all you Safari users, piss off. Neat idea. I won't be back.